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What Are Some Examples Of Ways That Workers’ Civil Rights Are Violated?

Examples of ways workers’ rights are violated include harassment, hostile work environment, and discrimination based on a worker’s protected class or characteristics. If a worker has been discriminated against or harassed based on skin color, nationality, or other legally protected characteristic, then their civil rights have been violated.

Is There A Defining Line Between Workplace Harassment And Just Common Bad Behavior?

Oftentimes, workplace bullying is unlawful, however it is distinct from a civil rights violation. The distinguishing factor is whether the bullying or harassment is taking place due to bias or discrimination against skin color, gender, or other legally protected characteristic.

The other component to these cases is the severity of the behavior or offense. If it’s a one-off situation where someone makes an offensive statement, it may not always be actionable. However, if it’s something that’s happening repeatedly or is sever, then it’s likely unlawful.

There are cases where someone is simply a bad boss or bad co-worker and unfortunately, someone must deal with it because it’s not illegal conduct. The law doesn’t protect against people being mean or unprofessional, but when it crosses a line to become discriminatory or based on someone’s membership in a protected class, that’s when it becomes punishable by the law.

What Are The Civil Rights Laws Currently In Place To Protect People In The Workplace?

On the federal level we have what’s called Title VII, which finds its roots in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the starting point and centerpiece of federal legislation for civil rights. It’s been amended and expanded over the years and its protection encompasses more people and provides more rights. On the state level in California, we have the Fair Employment and Housing Act, which also can be described as the centerpiece of California legislation for protecting workers’ rights.

What Can Or Should An Employee Do If They Believe Their Civil Rights Have Been Violated In The Workplace?

If you believe your civil rights have been violated in the workplace, it is critical to communicate with your employer and document all conversations and pertinent details that arise. The fact that you’ve tried to communicate the issue with your employer is something important to document, because an employer can’t be liable for the act of most other employees unless they knew what was going on.

It is essential under any circumstance that the employer is given notice of a civil rights violation. If that doesn’t resolve your problem at work, then it’s time to call an attorney. An attorney can assist you in presenting an administrative claim and filing a lawsuit if necessary.

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