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What Are Potential Resolutions To Employees Civil Rights Violation Cases?

Potential resolutions to employee civil rights cases depend on what kind of claim is filed. If an employee files a claim with either the State Fair Employment and Housing Administration, or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, those administrative agencies have the power to come in and force the employer to make changes. They can also order the employer to make restitution to any aggrieved employees. This means if a victim lost any money, such as in the case of being denied a promotion or being terminated, the administrative agency can order backpay to the employee.

In a lawsuit, the resolution often involves involve a settlement or jury verdict. Settlement typically involves the employer making a payment to the employee as compensation. For example, in the case of an employee that was fired for a discriminatory reason, settlements may involve paying back lost wages compensation for emotional distress. In some cases, lawsuits are not able to reach a settlement and they must go to trial. In most cases that go to trial, a jury verdict or judge will decide the outcome.

A court can also issue an injunction forcing an employer to halt a certain practice or to act in the interest of your protection. Injunction normally happens in cases where there’s very serious harm or there is harm affecting a large number of workers.

Are There Protections In Place For Employees Against Retaliation If They Do File A Complaint Or A Lawsuit?

There are protections in place for employees against retaliation for filing a complaint or lawsuit. The law protects workers who make complaints or who file lawsuits, as well as workers who testify on behalf of other workers that have filed claims and lawsuits. Therefore, if an employer retaliates against you for any of those things, you have the same rights that you would have as though the employer had discriminated or harassed you.

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