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Do Most Government And Police Misconduct Cases Go To Trial?

The current system is set up so that most cases settle before trial. In our experience, over 90% of cases settle and very few of them go to trial. Even though the process could potentially take a year or more, most settlements occur right before a case is scheduled to go to trial.

When Should Someone Hire Your Firm To Represent Them In A Civil Lawsuit In California?

Filing a lawsuit and presenting a legal claim is an extremely complicated process. While it is not absolutely required, it’s highly recommended that a lawyer be involved every step of the way. There are so many common pitfalls and mistakes that can be made along the way. Therefore, if you’ve been the victim of discrimination, harassment, or any civil rights violation, it is essential that you have a lawyer. Many cases are justified and strong but fall through because a simple mistake is made. It takes many years of study to become a lawyer, and then many more years of practice to become an expert in a field. It’s best not to attempt to handle your civil lawsuit without a lawyer.

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