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Client Testimonials

“Top notch, level headed, fair, informative, patient, and very supportive. I received great personal care, sound advice, the support I needed to make intelligent and logical decisions and a quick positive result.”

Leah B.

“Very well. In fact, I referred a peer to this attorney in the past, and she utilized his services, too much success. Was indeed treated with respect. My situation regarded a type of law Mr. Kaplan didn’t practice, so our consultation was both a review of existing documents and a referral to one of his colleagues. But the meeting was indeed perfectly respectable and timely.”

Jane S.

“Very positive. I was treated very well, and believe that I made a great decision.”

David S.

“The experience was simple and easy. Highly recommend.”

Shmuly G.

“Yitz and Jon make a good team. They handled my case efficiently and with their experience and patience we obtained a positive outcome. I highly recommend them.”

A Satisfied Client

“We first hired Yitz E Weiss over three years ago when we started our own business. Yitz’s knowledge, thoroughness made us feel very confident that we were making all the right choices while forming our corporation. He has assisted us in areas of legal matters, liabilities and foresight to ensure proper decision making. His approachable demeanor, attention to detail and timely responses to al our needs have made him a vital asset to the growth and development of our company.”


“I would and have recommended him and his team, They are straight shooters and if they feel they can help you they will. They bent over backwards to make sure I understood every way my case could go and what the risk there was to me. If I had to do it again I would do it all the same. No matter how many delays and road blocks the other side tried they worked right through them.”


“Mr. Weiss handled our suit in a very professional manner. He achieved a satisfactory result in our case which had been unresolved for many years. We would not hesitate to use him again.”

A Satisfied Client

“Yitz helped me in putting together an extensive estate plan. He did a great job and made sure all our objectives were met. I strongly recommend his services.”

A Satisfied Client

“Yitz is a great lawyer who helped me reach an excellent settlement in my injury case. I am very thankful to have found such an attorney.”


“Yitz is the best, I was so pleased with his knowledge and eagerness to take care of my needs.”


“Mr. Weiss is a very fine lawyer. He is caring, knowledgable, responsive and results oriented. He did a great job for me.”


“I regularly consult Jon for legal advice on business and other matters. His advice is always well thought out, insightful and of great assistance. I highly recommend him.”


“Jonathon Kaplan is the perhaps the best attorney of the many we have hired.”

A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Mr. Kaplan for your legal issues. Recently I was the victim of a dog bite that was highly painful and has left a permanent scar. The dog kennel who was at fault for letting out the wrong dog (who bit me), was adamant about not helping me with my medical bills until Jon stepped in. He was able to get a fast settlement which covered all of my medical bills and I was able to pocket some cash for my pain and suffering. Thanks Jon, for all your help!”

Jonathan L.

“I’ve retained Jon on two occasions–both in response to a harassing neighbor. Although the cases were very likely headed to court he managed to stop them before they got there. He handled it brilliantly, and managed to work out a plan with the plaintiff’s attorney which remedied the situation as quickly as possible. I couldn’t be happier.”

A Satisfied Client

“Jonathon went after a very bad person who had literally stolen money that was invested in me and my talents. To make matters worse, the perpetrator succeeded in convincing me that my talents didn’t warrant the investment (money that I had raised and placed in his hands), and had so psychologically abused me that I actually STOPPED singing–this after making my living as a singer! Jonathon went after him and not only succeeded in getting the money back, but the perpetrator left with his tail between his legs after severe admonishment from the litigator. Jonathon PROVED beyond ANY doubt that this guy was an evil liar who had ill intent from the beginning. Finally seeing how badly I’d been mistreated for the first time, (and that virtually everything that came from the perp’s mouth was a bold faced lie), Jonathon’s victory on my behalf gave me the confidence to sing again. I owe him my career and will ALWAYS be grateful to him. He is an AWESOME attorney and a wonderful human being to boot! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him!”


“Our company hires a host of lawyers. Jon Kaplan is definitely the most service oriented and gets us the absolute best results. He is always a pleasure to work with on any matter.”

A Satisfied Client