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Can I Be Terminated If I Have A Contract With My Employer?

Whether an employee who has a contract with their employer can be terminated depends on the specific terms of that contract. Some contracts will describe the specific reasons for which an employee can be terminated. Others don’t contain those provisions, in which case wrongful termination laws apply in the same way they would for any employee who does not have a contract with their employer.

Does My Employer Have To Give Me Specific Reasons For Firing Me In California?

In California, an employer doesn’t have to give an employee any reason for terminating them; the employer is required only to notify the employee that they have been terminated.

If I Was Sick And Took A Leave Of Absence, Is It Wrong To Fire Me Under California Law?

Under California law, there are penalties for an employer who fires an employee simply because that employee took available sick leave. Firing an employee for taking sick leave is wrongful termination under California law.

What Can I Do If I Believe That I Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Anyone who believes they’ve been wrongfully terminated should contact an experienced employment attorney who can evaluate their potential claims, let them know whether they have a case, and advise them in moving forward with one of various options. The employee who suspects a wrongful termination should keep any documents they receive and immediately start documenting everything that is happening, including the nature of the conversations that take place. Once they hire an attorney, this information should be provided to that attorney.

Can I Or Should I Be Looking For Another Job While My Wrongful Termination Case Is Pending?

An employee should look for another job while their case is pending, because they have an obligation to try to minimize or mitigate their damages by finding another job. If an employee fails to look for another job, then the employer’s lawyers could argue the employee’s damages are partially due to their own inaction since they did not look for another job.

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