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Attorney Endorsements

“Yitz Erik Weiss is an experienced attorney whose participation and comments in Avvo show his commitment to serving clients very well. He is an excellent attorney that I recommend wholeheartedly.”

Ligia P., Personal injury Attorney

“Mr. Weiss is an outstanding attorney who I’ve worked closely with on several cases. I regularly refer clients to Mr. Weiss because I highly recommend his services.”

Marc G., Tax Attorney

“Yitz is one of the most conscientious and skilled attorneys I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. His style is contemplative and methodical, ideal for complex litigation. I highly recommend Yitz.”

Halil H., Litigation Attorney

“Yitz is an outstanding attorney who always goes the extra mile for his clients!”

Leah N., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mr. Weiss is a brilliant lawyer. He is very shrewd and produces excellent results for his clients in all civil and probate matters. Mr. Weiss is a man of integrity and is very knowledgeable in his practice areas. I would refer any client who wants great representation to Mr. Weiss. He gives every client and case the detailed attention they deserve.”

Alana S., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Yitz Weiss for several years, and I can honestly say he’s a first rate attorney. When I need another attorney’s advice or opinion, Yitz Weiss is my man. Any client would be well-served by hiring Yitz Weiss, and I gladly endorse him.”

Michael R., Personal injury Attorney

“I’ve worked with Yitz on many legal matters and he has done an outstanding job each and every time. I highly recommend his services.”

Brett B., Workers Compensation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Mr. Weiss for many years and he is proficient in many different areas of the law, including civil and business matters. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Yitz, and I have in the past with great success. I would recommend Mr. Weiss to anyone I know and I am privileged to call him a colleague and a friend.”

Bradley W., Personal Injury Attorney

“I have known Yitz Weiss since he graduated from law school. He is an excellent lawyer who provides superb legal services to his and his firm’s clients. I strongly recommend him.”

Paul L., Litigation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer – I admire his standing in our community, being as my firm leans towards real estate law, I have found Mr. Kaplan to be reliable and Knowledgeable source in his area of practice.”

Susan M., Foreclosure Attorney

“I truly admire Jonathan’s expertise in employment law. As an immigration lawyer, I face employment law matters with my clients, and Jonathan has been very helpful. I highly recommend Jonathan to those in need of employment law assistance.”

Gary K., Immigration Attorney

“I highly endorse this lawyer. I worked with Mr. Kaplan on a legal matter and found him to be thorough, creative and aggressive. He also has a good sense of humor and is fun to work with! Mr. Kaplan truly cares for his clients.”

Bailey F., DUI and DWI Attorney

“Jon Kaplan is a well educated and exceedingly competent, experienced and principled litigation/trial attorney who represents both corporations and individuals.”

Keith Kassan

“I first met Jonathon Kaplan several years ago while in law school. I was immediately impressed with his command of the law, and his ability to discuss legal matters he’d studied several years ago. I am proud to work alongside him at Kaplan Lee. He is hands down of the best employment litigators in California, and I enthusiastically endorse him.”

Michael R., Personal injury Attorney

“Excellent attorney. Mr. Kaplan continues to provide valuable advice on Avvo each time that he responds to a question. Although I have been licensed and practicing for 24 years, including time spent as a judge and magistrate, I continually learn from his answers about different aspects of the law. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Christopher L., Mediation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. We went to Duke University Law School together and both then practiced in Los Angeles, CA, for five years. Mr. Kaplan has a sharp eye for detail, is very personable and aggressive when it comes to advocating for his client! If I needed an attorney to fight for me, I would hire Jonathon Kaplan!”

Marcus H., Speeding and Traffic Ticket Attorney

“Jon Kaplan is the person I go to when I want to discuss legal issues with an attorney I can trust. He is extremely knowledgeable on many areas of the law and he always has his client’s best interest in mind.”

Brett B., Workers Compensation Attorney

“Jon Kaplan is a super smart and extremely capable trial lawyer. He has a very natural and effective way of communicating his client’s position to a jury. His clients obtain great results because of his this rare skill even among trial lawyers. I endorse this lawyer.”

James I., Car Accident Attorney

“I came to work for Mr. Kaplan because I knew him to be one of the finest lawyers in the State. He’s knowledgeable, creative and results oriented and adheres to the highest standards of practice.”

Yitz W., Employment and Labor Attorney

“An outstanding response here on Avvo caused me to take a look at the collection of Mr. Kaplan’s Q and A responses here on Avvo. And I am so glad that I did. Mr. Kaplan is gifted with the rare ability to provide concise, straight-forward and comprehensive explanations and guidance in complicated and abstract legal matters. He clearly has an extraordinary command of the legal subjects he posts in. He is one of the very best of Avvo’s Q and A participants.”

Christine McCall

“Jon is an amazing litigator and trial attorney. He has tried numerous cases to virdict in favor of his clients, including many very difficult cases. He has excellent oral and written skills, and possesses an incredible knack for knowing when to aggressively litigate a matter and when to try to resolve it. I endorse him without qualification.”

Paul L., Litigation Attorney