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Am I Entitled To Interest On Unpaid Or Underpaid Wages In California If I Were To Win My Employment Lawsuit Or Claim?

You are entitled to interest on the unpaid or underpaid wages. In certain cases, you can also recover what’s called liquidated damages. Let’s say your employer owes you $1,000, for example; you would not only get $1,000 plus interest, but you could also collect an additional $1,000 as a penalty, or a liquidated damage, for a total of $2,000 plus interest.

How Long Should An Employee Wait Before Filing An Unpaid Wages Claim Or A Lawsuit In California?

There are time limits for bringing cases, and in certain circumstances, some penalties are only available for up to a year. Our recommendation would be to consult with a lawyer about a case right away so that the claim doesn’t end up being time barred. You don’t want to lose out on potential damages or penalties.

Which California Employees Are Protected By Wage And Hour Laws?

While wage and hour laws generally apply to all employees, there are some exceptions. For example, certain employees are exempt from the standard overtime laws, including executives, professionals, and some sales personnel. There are other employees who are not subject to the standard of minimum wage laws, such as outside salespersons or, in certain circumstances, close family relatives. Then, there are additional minimum wage exemptions for people who are learners or apprentices. So, the general rule applies to everybody, but there are certain exemptions or exceptions built into the law that apply in very limited circumstances.

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Fair Employment Lawyers at Kaplan Weiss LLP

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